Monday, February 1, 2016

Mini Kaiju Mayhem: Ironhas Pro x Free Karate Chops

Mini Kaiju Mayhem, the first collaboration between Ironhaus Pro and Free Karate Chops!
The resin micro figure set includes 8 unique sculpts (two packs, with four figures each), each standing at approximately 1.25"-1.5" tall, all sculpted by Jimmy from Ironhaus and casted by Rick from FKC. There are several color options available. The only place to get them is at Free Karate Chops' Storenvy, so keep your eyes peeled!
Dropping tomorrow @

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fortress of Inhumanity Spotlight: Devil's Smile

Devil's Smile is an unnatural abomination, given life from the dirt of an ancient burial site that a Big-Head monument sprouted from. Devil's Smile is a herald for the Big-Head; he specializes in drawing chase on unsuspecting travelers in the Western Territory, injuring them and leading them back to the Big-Head monument where they are to be sacrificed. Devil's smile then feasts on whatever the Big Head leaves behind.

Likes: Murder, mayhem, filth, and the fear of his victims

Dislikes: Dry ice, horse shit, cow shit, dog shit, people shit

Fortress of Inhumanity Spotlight: Dead Kid Wearing Dead Dog

The Dead Kid Wearing Dead Dog is a mysterious entity, that resides on the treacherous road known as "Demon's Throat", in the North territory. He can rarely be found in the same place twice, and generally offers cryptic advice on how to navigate the brutal and winding road leading to the upper crest of the North territory.

Likes: Being confusing

Dislikes: Sitting still, apparently.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fortress of Inhumanity News Break

So, John Morey over at Nerditis does it again! Check out his Life in Plastic review of Fortress of Inhumanity, at Nerditis for his take on the first wave of Fortress of Inhumanity.

Tonight, at, I will be hosting a vote for LRG members (if you aren't one, go get signed up) to be able to pick which of the FOI sculpts get into the next lineup. If you aren't already a member, go get signed up. It's free, and LRG has possibly the best depth of knowledge online of existing minifigure lines (vintage, new, mainstream, obscure, international, custom).

That being said, I am looking to get the molds for the next wave of FOI done up this weekend. I hope to finish the character profiles for the first wave by this weekend, as well as the mini comic for the second wave.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Fortress of Inhumanity Spotlight: Aagnart Neribalu

Aagnart Neribalu is as mysterious as he is menacing. Not much is known about Neribalu, outside of the fact that he is wanted "Dead Only" by all four of the territorial warlords. Clearly, they know something that the rest of the general populace does not.

The only thing commonly known about Aagnart Neribalu, is that he is searching for "Silver Yard"... But, what is "Silver Yard"?

And what lies underneath those bandages?

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

It All Started With a Kid Named Bowser K. Gog...

Sunday, December 20, 2015