Wednesday, May 20, 2015

UoV Wave Two preview + news.

Hi Horde, Metal Monkey here. 

Just a quick heads up that Metal Monkey Studios has undergone some changes of late and will henceforth be known as Ironhaus Productions Oz, the Australian branch of Ironhaus Pro.
The reasons will become apparent in time, but ultimately its to save our customers some cash as we can distribute international orders via the US & Oz now. So, if you live in the US and order from the Oz store (or vice versa), you will get the option of having the order shipped to a dispatch centre locally and only pay local standard shipping as oppose to the more expensive international option! 

The new Ironhaus Oz BLOG & STORE can be found here.

Also don't forget to check out the new Ironhaus Instagram!

Onto some exciting news! Universe of Violence (UoV) Chaos Dimension Wave Two release is fast approaching and the time has come to reveal the figures that will be on offer. 
I have recently been casting up a storm and I will be handling the production of these figures for wave two. They're cast in Task 16 rubber, much like Monster In My Pocket, and the very same amazing material that my good bud Eric Nilla casts his figures from and put me onto (thanks dude!).

There will be 3 all-NEW figures sculpted by the living-machine Jimmy Rommel including Deadface II, West Nile & the much anticipated Hell Chicken! Our new boss figure.

There will also be 2 returning characters sculpted by me (Metal Monkey) Satyrant & Venus Maneater in all-new colours, but rest assured I will have some more new figures on offer soon in Wave Three.

Let's have a closer look at the new figures on offer.

West Nile: The blood-sucking desert vampire!

DeadfaceII: The King of the Cannibals returns!

Hell Chicken: The beast from Hell's Barnyard!

I hope you guys like what we have in store for UoV!

For a full release breakdown, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post including colours & prices in the next few days.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

DOOM Gotter: The Next Batch

Hey folks, it's Rommel, here to give you a sneak-peek at the upcoming second wave of DOOM Gotter figures! 

Ironhaus x Imperfecz brings you Chupacabra and Ushi-Oni, respectively.  Luke did one hell of a job bringing Ushi-Oni to life, with his giant curved horns, and arachno-bovine appeal.
I sculpted the Chupacabra, which frankly, looks like the drunken carouser of the kaiju world. Maybe he just guzzled a tanker's worth of gasoline before hitting the town?
Anyways, stay tuned for more news about the release on these guys. You can still get the original DOOM Gotter product line from the Imperfecz Toy Store (click the link! clicking on links is free! go check them out!), and keep your eyes peeled to this blog as well as Luke's Imperfecz Realm for news on the release. 
And, as always, Ironhaus is always 100% made from scratch, original, and this team up with the ultra-talented Luke Harris  is no exception.
Enjoy the pics! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ironhaus x Nilla: Mini Murderball, First Reveal!

Sculpted by Rommel, casted by the ultra-talented/ultra-busy Eric Nilla; details soon.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ironhaus news & Rise of the Beasts series 2 preview.

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately, though you'll usually catch me on Facebook. Sorry about that, my plate's been pretty full changing jobs after a crappy workplace injury earlier this year. Hopefully, smooth sailing form here on out.

I have a new Instagram account HERE where I'll be adding a lot more pics of toys I like, and stuff that I've been up to - mostly Ironhaus stuff I'm sculpting, assembling, painting or casting. As always, I'll stray and add anything toy-related I think is worth noting.

As you probably know, I'm now an official Ironhaus member (woot!) and as such I'll be mostly lurking around the Ironhaus blog but will still be back at my old blog from time to time... for now anyways.

Things are moving ahead with a few projects, and soon we can start to show off some more of what's in store from us. For now at least, here are some more imminent stuff.

Here's a mini kiaju I made for an upcoming line of monster figures by Ironhaus. Based somewhat on Rhan Tegoth, and stands about 1" tall. The MUSCLE figures give you a better idea of scale. He still needs a bit of a sanding.

Rhan showing off his cute little turtle shell.
This guy was a lot of fun to make!

Here are the test pulls for Medusa the Gorgon & Barbella the scorpion girl, who are both making their debut in Universe of Violence : Chaos Dimension sometime very soon!
Designed by me (MM) sculpted by Bryan Fulk (Ed gein) and cast by none other than Eric Nilla in his amazing & addictive keshi-like rubber! Expect to see some sweet colours & one offs the for the first drop, which as always will be rather limited.
Stay tuned for more info here!

Another couple of guys who'll be making their entry into UOV around the same time as Medusa & Barbella are these two guys which I sculpted around this time last year. 
I know, I'm a bit slow to get pics up.. But at least it won't be long before these will be available too.
Both are somewhat smaller than previous figures like Satyrant & Venus Maneater, and that will be explained soon via the new print & play rules for UOV : Deathmatch!
A simple, fast turn-based game where monsters duel and the victor is crowned champion.
All in time.



I will post more news as things draw closer, but I hope you guys like some of what's in store from us here at Ironhaus Pro. Keep an eye on our blog, the Ironhaus Facebook page, and new instagram for more news & pics to follow.


Meanwhile, some exciting news has unfolded at Little Rubber Guys
Their awesome line of PVC figures 'Rise of the Beasts' has just had series 2 sculpts revealed in the form of 3D prints.. and damn don't they look mighty impressive!

Photo's and text taken directly from LRG and their ROTB kickstarter.

'Asayid, our Lion character and homage to White Leo/Pirate Lion from the original Battle Beasts series.' 
'Khabasat. A horned lizard. We recently added a tail to this guy (thanks to suggestions from fans!).'
'Guwrah, another Battle Beasts homage. This time to the ever popular Gargantuan Gorilla.'
'No name for this guy yet. He is our wicked cool ant character. We had to thicken up the antennae on his head. The original ones broke off during the cleaning of the 3d print. They were just too thin.'
'A new (old) head for our Scorpion character.'

Group shot of the ROTB series 1 & 2 figures!

As you can see, these are off the hook!!
I'm super excited for these new guys, and cant wait to get some nice weapons for these figures so I can display them with my Battle Beasts & beast Saga figures.
Hopefully they become available soon.

In the meantime, why not pick up some series one figures form the LRG store?
The prices are excellent and the figures are just awesome.

That's all for now from me, back with more toy talk soon.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Draznar Uncensored - Kaiju Kaos Soundtrack KS

Just a brief update. I'm coming out for a little plugging of Stratos' kickstarter for his album Kaiju Kaos V.2.

On top of the music, you have access to pledge for some Kaiju Kaos mini figures, used in the tabletop game of the same name, (or just to look cool on your shelf). With 11 days to go, there is still plenty of time to get your pledges in and unlock the stretch goals. Some of the extra figure add-ons even include some Ironhaus sculpts, such as: Sauro, Stompa, Zero-One and Wraith.

I completely slept on the last Kickstarter, so I definitely will not be missing out on it this time. I strongly recommend you get your pledges in now so you don't miss out on these guys either! As an added bonus, the figures are only $7 each for the Kickstarter, whereas they're normally $8 in the storenvy store. ($1 adds up if you are buying several figures!)

As of the time of my typing for this article, the Kickstarter is $35 away from the first stretch goal figure!

Get your pledging done here!

Friday, February 27, 2015

DOOM Götter REVIEW by Metal Monkey

Oh Meine DOOM Götter!

Metal Monkey here, back (finally!) with a review of an exciting new line of mini-figures called DOOM Götter (or Doom gods) by Imperfecz Toys and Ironhaus Prods.

And let me tell you, these figures are nothing short of amazing!

Here we have some background on the story behind DOOM Götter, sourced directly from the Imperfecz store.

‘In another dimension, all the creatures of mythology, ghosts, monsters, spirits from this world exist as monolithic kaiju-like creatures. Massive, building destroying, creatures battling within the city!
This first release dips into Yokai lore’

So, Doom Götter essentially is a blend between Japanese Yokai folklore & the Dai Kaiju creatures from films and TV with mini-figures much like Keshigomu in Japan. We get the hint that future series may not be based on Yokai creatures, but the Dai Kaiju theme seems to be the predominant feature of this line.

First up, we have two figures on offer, namely Akaname & Bake-Kujira.
The figures themselves are cast of a pliable rubber, somewhat softer than even Monster In My Pocket, and have a very nice feel to them.
The buildings are cast of a more sturdier resin and seem to have a much more inorganic feel to them then the figures do, which is a really nice idea and contrasts perfectly with the figures themselves.

Bake-Kujira – Standing in around 1” tall and sculpted by none other than Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Prods. Bake-Kujira is a monstrous whale kaiju that looks decayed, with his skeleton clearly visible. Bake or Bakemono (化物) is the Japanese word for 'Ghost' and Kujira (クジラ) translates as 'whale', so we get Ghost-Whale; a reanimated skeletal specter of a deceased whale.

Read up more about this Yokai creature from Japanese folklore HERE - 

Akaname – weighing in at 1.5” tall and sculpted by Luke Harris of Imperfecz Toys, Akaname (あかなめ) translates to mean ‘filth licker’ and upon reading of this creature for the first time, one can’t help but cringe at what one learns. It has a gaping tongue that it uses to consume slime, mold, human waste… yep, this thing is gross and that’s what makes it really awesome! Its naked, and has a mop of hair from the top of it’s head with no eyes visible, making it rely on using it’s tongue to navigate. Creepy, and yet so good at the same time!

Read up more about this Yokai creature from Japanese folklore  HERE - 

Buildings - In addition to these two mini-figures, there are buildings available for purchase separately in either 5 or 10-packs, perfect for building your own little city for these (and even other) awesome minis to play around in or display.

I picked up a 10-pack and it did not disappoint! This is a really original and novel way of making mini-figures even more fun, and really adds the neat element of representing the mini-figures as Dai Kaiju, or monolithic, collosal beasts! The proportions are really spot-on, and immediately one gets a real proportionate sense of their size simply by to the buildings surrounding them.
What’s great about these is that some of the buildings are intact, whereas others have been crushed/smashed by the Dai Kaiju in battle, and have a ruined, dilapidated look to them. You would have to be out of your mind not to appreciate having a mini semi-destroyed cityscape diorama for your mini-figures. It’s just such a good idea, and adds a lot of fun!

Packaging – Exactly what you would expect from this sort of thing, the figures come individually bagged, as do the 2 buildings that come included with each figure (Brilliant!) complete with a header card. The header card itself is quite simplistic, and has a fair bit of punch as the colors make it pleasing to the eye.
Works well.

Pricing – This is where it gets good, toy people. The pricing on these guys is really modest and affordable, so you can pick up figures in multiple colors and/or some extra buildings to add to your city.

Bake-Kujira retails for $10 per-pack, Akaname costs $12 each. (USD)

Buildings are available in 5-packs for $10 ea, and 10-packs for $18 each. (USD)

Another added feature to the figures, is that for an additional $1 per figure you can give your mini-figures a makeover with a BLACK WASH to really bring out all the amazing details from each figure. I’m so glad I chose this option, as the figures themselves look incredible with the two-tone effect as you can see by the pics.

Shipping – I live in Australia, and these figures are made in the US. I’ve often paid exorbitant prices on shipping for items to and from Oz from ebay and some online stores but Doom Götter ships at a really nice low flat-rate internationally, so I was stoked to be able to get more buildings as it cost me less to have it shipped here. I could only imagine local shipping to be even less! Excellent.

SculptsThe sculpts themselves are really clean, and overall very nice! The textures are what you would expect for bones, skin, teeth and hair, etc. and really bring the figures to life. They aren’t saturated in too much detail and there seems to be a good balance of detail/simplicity. The proportions are fun and in the end these figures are quite charming, regardless of being creepy creatures.

TowPlayability/Display – Bonus points for playability! The added buildings that make up the mini cityscape diorama really add a HUGE amount of fun for these figures. Whereas stand-alone figures display okay on their own, these have much more playability value to them. They also add more playability to your other mini-figures, as you’ll want to take your favorite figure to take a stroll downtown and lay waste to both the city and anyone foolish enough to get in your way! (Insert random monster noises here).
Needless to say, they display great! You can custom build your own city based on how much display space you have, which is useful if you’ve got little space available.

Availability – These have been available for a few weeks as of writing this blog review. Some colors are completely sold out, but there are still a nice variety to choose form. Check out the Imperfecz online store HERE! The only place you can pick these up as of now.

Conclusion – Simply awesome!! DOOM Götter has practically instantly shot up to being one of my favourite indie toy lines ever, possibly rivaling Universe of Violence for my top spot, which is no easy feat. As a huge fan of the Dai Kaiju genre and folklore/mythology, as well as mini-figures in general, this just ticks all the boxes for me! I’m giving it an overall 9.5/10 and two HUGE thumbs up.
If you're into mini-figures then show some support by picking up some Doom Götter figures! You won't be disappointed, I promise you, and by getting behind this amazing new line we can expect to get more future releases of these badass beasties! 

I would love to see some tiny Ships, Trucks, Tanks, hell even a railway made available in future releases, in addition to other new monstrous creatures of course!

Excited to see where DOOM Götter goes from here, watch this space for future news and reviews.

That’s all from me, for now Toy People! Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Draznar Uncensored - World of Nintendo Link and Toon Link

When I first discovered that Nintendo was going to be doing a line for some of their AAA characters, I was very excited. Then I heard they were being done by Jakks Pacific and I lost excitement. I don't know why, but I always felt like they were a bad brand. This is likely because they just aren't a house hold name like Mattel or Hasbro.

At any rate, then the pictures came out and I was in awe. The figures looked great! My only issue after this was extremely poor distribution, (at least in my area of Canada), and so I had seen only Yoshi and Mario in stores and a single micro playset.

Today was my lucky day, however, as my local Wal-Mart just got them stocked with all of the Wave 1 figures, and I had a $25 Wal-Mart card, (what's better than free toys?)

Today I grabbed the mini Toon Link, unposeable, and the adult Link which is poseable. The pictures I'm including are terrible. I have not found a good spot to take pictures in my new place and haven't had the time to create any sort of photo box. These are the best I can do at the moment! (Also, my table isn't dirty, my six year old drew with markers on paper and it bled through. Damn kids).

Here is link in the package. Nice, simple, attractive blister card

Here is the back of the card. Again, simple and attractive. Lets get this sucker open!

Link, equipped with his gear and standing beside the "mystery" item!

The first thing I noticed out of the box, was the incredibly shitty elbow joints. These look so fragile.

You'll notice his limp wrist going on. The joint can't handle the pressure of the sword. The scabbard looks nice on his back though. Moving on though, what was in that mystery box?

It is Link's Hylian shield! What AWESOME detail on this thing! I think they're finally redeeming themselves here!

Except for this. Casual Zelda fans might not realize why this is a problem. Link is a left-handed swordsman, and this shield is designed for use in the left hand. God dammit.

Due to the crappy left hand, this is the only pose I could get him in with his shield. It feels so wrong. Also, the "leather" strap and the handle make it impossible to properly fit on his arm. This isn't properly attached in this photograph. Let's move on to Toon Link and then discuss my final thoughts!

The packaging is similar to the other Link's, but this figure is half the size and has no articulation. He does come with one accessory though, his shield!

There's a bit of paint slop on his face, but in general it's a nice looking figure. Lets finally move on to my verdict on these guys!

I have been dying for a good Link figure for years. I thought these figures were finally the answer to that desire, and I have to say that Jakks Pacific has not delivered. The larger figure was $12, and the smaller was $4 or $5, I don't recall. The larger figure is plagued with problems, as well as an inaccurate and useless shield, (something I would have looked over if he could hold it up properly). Due to the quality and construction, I felt like I paid $12 for a $5 figure at best. As for the mini, I actually like the figure, and I wouldn't complain about the price save for two issues: the paint slop on his eye, and that when I pushed his shield on it made his arm pop out a bit. At $4 - $5 for such a small figure, I don't feel like I should have those issues. Feel free to disagree with me, but that's my opinion on the matter.

I'll be returning the Link tomorrow, to be honest. I am keeping Toon Link though! Do you agree or disagree? Leave me some comments! Also, let me know if you guys like this style of review and I'll try and do more. I'm still looking for my footing here at Ironhaus and any input will be greatly appreciated!

If you guys like what I have to say, I'll try and pump out a review each week!

Later, folks!