Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It's Motherfucking Larva Time!

Hey gang!

It's Jimmy here, with the print-to-play game board and rules for the Larvapocalypse (It's Motherfucking Larva Time) game that we have been talking about for a while. If you haven't heard about this, here's a quick 411:

-For the past six months, I have hidden IMFLT figures in Ironhaus Black Market bags... So this is not a new line rollout or anything. There is a good chance, if you have ordered Black Market bags in the last six months, that you already have these figures. Here's some pictures posted by Instagram users JeHu and Rubberhammer9, showing some of the figures that they have collected: (pictured to the right)

-The gameplay mechanics are pretty simple. All you need to play is a game board, two figures for each player and a single six-sided die. Each player will control one larva and one monster (any 1"-1.5" figure will do! You can use Gorewads, any random monster that you find in Black Market bags, or any random mini figure that fits that scale). 

-Each game begins with a single die roll from each player, to determine who goes first. Highest roll wins. Players will choose one of the numbered designated spaces to place their larva and monster, to begin the game.
-Each turn begins with a player rolling the six-sided die, and dividing those movement points between their larva and monster as they see fit. Players can move forwards, backwards, and diagonally.
-Larva cannot attack, but the goal is to be the last larva standing, so the goal is to protect your larva while using your monster to attack and kill the other larva players. 
-Monsters can attack larva or other monsters; in the event that a monster vs monster fight occurs, highest die roll wins. However, if a monster lands on a larva, the player controlling the larva will first roll the die to attempt to flee. If the larva player rolls a 4 or better, they get to roll again to escape! (This roll happens immediately, and can only be applied to the larva). If the larva plater rolls a 3 or less, they die and have to leave the game.
-In the event that a player's larva is still alive but their monster has been killed, the larva player can attempt to make their way to the center X tile. If the larva player reaches the X tile, they will immediately roll. If they roll a 6, they can respawn their monster to their designated/numbered starting space.
-Gameplay resumes until only one player's larva is left alive.

Hopefully, those instructions are clear enough! I think I covered everything! The print-to-play game board is below, feel free to dig in and let us know how it goes! You can comment here, or contact us at:

And by all means, ENJOY! The team here at Ironhaus wants to thank everybody for sticking with us over the years, and this was our way of trying to find a fun way to give back.

<3- Bad Luck Jimmy

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Live Streaming!

Hey folks! Just a little update for all of you that are interested in some behind-the-scenes action over at Ironhaus, or to maybe get some Q&A time in with the sculptor(s). Or maybe you just want to hang out and talk toys? It's all good!

Jimmy will be hosting a live streaming event on February 21st, on Instagram!

(The link for those of you who have lost it)

( @ironhaus_jimmy for those who like to search it themselves)

We encourage everyone to stop in and say "hi!"


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gutter Kawaii - Release Info

The time has finally come!

Gutter Kawaii are making their debut here at Ironhaus!

GK is a new line of disgusting mini-figures, and we have some big plans brewing for these ugly little bastards. For now, here's what you need to know about these guys:

Hitting the store on 01/26/18, each figure will retail at $12 and come bagged with a mini trading card. All figures have been ink-washed, and there's a couple surprises throughout this batch. So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Universe of Violence - Available Today!

For all of you folks who have been anxiously awaiting this new wave for Universe of Violence, know that today is the day!

Remember: Figures are $10 each + shipping. All U.S. orders will be shipped from the United States to give you the cheapest shipping possible.

All figures must be purchased from the Ironhaus Oz online store (CLICK HERE)

Don't miss out!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Universe of Violence - Release details

Universe of Violence - Wave III figures are almost here!

We're working out the final details behind the scenes, but these bad boys are just about ready to hit the store. You can expect to see the store updated within the week. 1/3 figures will be a marbled FX variant, (thermal, GITD, scented and glitter), but rest assured that many of the mono figures have FX too!

Any US orders will ship from the United States to offer the cheapest shipping options available. All orders will be purchased from the Ironhaus Oz online store. (

Packaging will be bagged with header art, including deathmatch art cards.

Figures will be $10 each + shipping.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DOOM Gotter Series IV

For anyone who isn't already aware, Ironhaus Pro.'s current ongoing collaboration with Imperfecz has recently had a release!

DOOM Gotter IV is here, and with it Hyakume from Yokai lore and Erymanthian Boar from Greek mythology! The figures scale with the rest of the line, and come included in a 2-pack, (with the new silver buildings), or on their own with grey buildings. Personally, I strongly recommend getting the paint wash, but to each their own!

Hyakume is a blob of pink flesh covered in eyes. They typically guard temples from thieves and are not usually prone to violence. However, this Hyakume has a thirst for blood. Hyakume was sculpted by Imperfecz Toys.

The Erymanthian Boar was one of the 12 Labours of Hercules. After his capture by Hercules, he has spent his time on Earth wreaking havoc in spite of the gods, and especially of Zeus. The Eramanthian Boar was sculpted by Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Pro.

Get yours NOW over at: