Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Stuff Coming

So, Jimmy here. Hi.

I'm getting ready to skip town for about a week, but before I go, I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be putting together some new stuff when I get back. New Gorewads, a new UoV figure, and some more news/figures in regards to the not-so-secret Fortress of Inhumanity project are on the horizon, as well as glow in the dark figures and thermal chase figures.

I should have some very big news soon... As soon as I get the word that I am allowed to drop that news, you guys will know about it.


Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi there Horde!

MetalMonkey here, the third cog to this crazy mechanism that is Ironhaus, here to add a little of my own chaos to the mix.

Thought I'd do a quick post to say yo, and let you know that Ironhaus Productions & MetalMonkeyStudios are gong to be working more closely together from hereon out and theres going to be a lot more from us in the near future so buckle up, this is going to be a fun ride!

A lot of you are familiar with the infamous Universe of Violence line of mini figures, and maybe some of you have even heard of UOV - Chaos Dimension..? Well, the Universe of Violence worlds just collided, and all hell is about to break loose my fiends. Or should I say, fiends?

I will be on here as often as I can afford to be adding new posts about work in progress, upcoming projects and of course, revisiting some previous work.

To kick things off, here are some design sketches for two upcoming UOV - CD characters, Plasmorph & Necrofungus to be used on their battle cards.

Battle you say? Well, let's not get to ahead of ourselves for now.

The last pic, who I call Hammer Jr. is just something else I came up with that might eventuate into a figure. We'll just have to wait and see.

Well, that's all from me for now but stay tuned and I'll be back with some more exciting news very soon!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Fellow Horde members!

You can call me Draznar, and I intend on doing some pieces for Ironhaus in the future. Some of you may already be familiar with who I am, but this article is for those of you who aren't. I’m a pretty busy person offline, so my articles will generally be restricted to once a week at best. I’ll probably help out with talking about upcoming pieces, and I’ll definitely be doing reviews. My reviews will naturally contain Ironhaus products, but also about some of my other interests as well.

I collect a wide range of different toys. The bulk of my collection is comprised of Transformers and Battle Beasts, with a random mish-mash of just about everything else on the side. I’m a completionist for the lines I am passionate about and picky about the lines I’m not. Outside of Facebook, the only site I typically frequent would be I’ll be posting my content there as well as the Ironhaus blog, so feel free to subscribe to either or both!

Best of all, I have zero censorship from Dear Leader, Ironmask. So you can know that whatever I have to say is actually my unadulterated opinion and not watered down on whatever it is I have to say. I hope to scribble up another article soon, but until then, see ya!

- Draznar

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Ironhaus Collective

I want to formally welcome Draznar and Metal Monky to the Ironhaus collective. You're going to see a much closer dynamic in the release of future UoV stuff (There is a lot of col stuff down the pike) between Metal Monky and myself , and the blog is going to have fresh insights from the hilarious and well-versed Draznar.

This shit is going to be like Full House, except replace those obnoxious Tanner kids with flesh eating monsters and super villainy.


Monday, October 6, 2014

24 Hour Sculpting Challenge

So, I remember reading a comic by Erik Larsen years ago, that he did in 24 hours. He cited one of Scott McCloud's book as the genesis of that challenge, and the results were a rough but fun story.

I got to thinking, "It'd be fun to try a 24 hour sculpting challenge!" The idea would be, to come up with an original idea then execute it, all in one day. I started at midnight, Thursday (October 2nd), and tried to suss out two 1.25" sculpts by midnight of October 3rd. Here's what I came up with:

I started out, by doing a whole slew of armatures, in polymer clay. Anything from Sculpy to KATO will work, but you could also utilize foil or wire or whatever. If you're using wire, and intend to progress using a polymer clay: make sure to use uncoated wire, or the coating will melt during the baking process and warp your sculpt.

I then selected the three armatures that I felt had the most potential, and started laying Apoxie (I swear by Aves) onto them. Very soon after, I realized that trying to do three would be a bit audacious, so I put the smallest one off to finish later. I decided that I could do some sort of minotaur like guy, and a biomech wearing necro priest dude. Cut me a little bit of slack... With 24 hours to complete these guys, I was going to an aesthetic and had little time to figure out back stories.
I fixed them to the tops of beer bottle caps that I have collected from my friends, so that I could manipulate/turn the figures without leaving fingerprints.

The minotaur guy was going to be layered, so I started from the bottom and worked my way up. The skull needed to come before the arms, so I could layer the texture that I wanted for his jacket/cloak onto the skull.

And here's the bad mofo, in completion. I had to make a few sacrifices on him, on account of the time constraints, so I chose to make that sacrifice on his hands. I wanted the skull to be on point, and felt that the fur ghillie suit deal was more important for his look.

Next up, is the "Necro Priest". I made the choice to go simple with the face, though the photos don't really represent the horizontal striations on his gullet well. I tried to do as much detail as I could pack on, to his tunic/robe thing, and ran out of time when I got to his left hand. Out of the two, I think he is my least favorite, but what in the hell do I know about toys?

So, that's pretty much it, for now. Part of me wants to clean the figures up, but the other part of me feels like that would be cheating. Anyways, if you've got a free day coming up, I suggest you give the challenge a shot. It was a lot of fun, as an exercise, and I would recommend it to anybody regardless of their skill level.