Friday, July 6, 2012

Neat Shit

First off, "Whoa, what in the blazing shit is this?"
Awesome. That's what.

Next up: Happy Birthday, to Little Rubber Guys, the best online forum for collectors of diminutive mini figures. Whether it's M.U.S.C.L.E., Monster in My Pocket, Battle Beasts, Weirdball Wrestlers, Remco Mini Mashers, Garbage Pail Kids Cheap Toys... Or any other mini figure line that you can think of, not only can you find information on there, but the information behind the line to make yourself a knowledgeable collector. It's one hell of a community, and I am proud to say that I have been on the board almost from the very beginning.
Typically, forums are a good short term solution to the boredom-issue, but LRG has been so much more. To commemorate the event, the multi-talented bastard-guy known as Eric Nilla and I, have teamed up to make this:

 The LRG X figure, is simple, it's shiny, and it's begging to be kitbashed and customized however LRG fans can imagine. I think I should also mention, that Eric Nilla likes to smell old people's feet.

We're going to price this guy to own, and as soon as we know how much rubber it's going to take to produce them, we can price them... But, we're going to price them as low as possible, and you can only buy them as board members on LRG. So come on out, join the board, look around. If you need help finding figures, or are looking for advice on how to sculpt and cast molds... LRG is going to have what you're looking for.

Also, check out that awful bastard, Eric Nilla's blog. Maybe he'll stop being a lazy fuckis, and update that shit once in a while. I know for a fact, that he has material.

Time to go...
It's been fun though, right?



  1. Abobo's Big Adventure is awesome and super fun! I wish there was a cartridge for it. :P

    That LRG fig looks familiar.....

    1. I need to get a usb plug in controller, before I even attempt to play that. I need to get on Splatterhouse, also.

      Haha, LRG guy was kind of an amalgamation of that one toy that is way too big/way too hard to find, and something I thought would be easy and fun to customize.