Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Morning Update-Hate

So, I sent off ye olde package of toys to Eric Nilla, who coincidentally updated his page (layout) yesterday, AND received the package of original sculpts. There was a new Gorewad sculpt in the package, as well as some other goodies. Eric will also be contributing the second wave of Gorewad Monsters, and I am pretty excited to see what he comes up with.
I have five more GW sculpts in the works, and when they get a little further along, I am going to have a vote on here, for which three out of the five, will actually make it to see daylight.

Also, if you haven't checked out Little Rubber Guys, shame on you. It's the LRG 10th anniversary, and a lot of cool shit is going on.

Finally, David Lee and Amerikaiju are gearing up to release H.A.C.K. wave 2.
Remember THIS?
Well, I can't write a review on the second wave, as Dave put me to work on a piece for wave 2. He's dropping teasers left and right on LRG and at Amerikaiju's blog... So stay tuned.

That's all for now.
It's been fun though, right?


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