Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Afternoon Update-Hate 8/30/2012

Life has been pretty hectic as of late. Between my full-time job, sculpting, trying to market the toys, and being a dad? No time.
I'll do better at finding time for you guys.

Next week, we kick off the program, where you guys will be the deciding judges in the fate of at least one of the Universe of Violence figures to be made in the future. I will be putting up three designs a week, with voting running the duration of that week. The three winners will go into the final week's vote, which will determine which design I will sculpt up for Universe of Violence Wave 3.

Zach Orian is worse at keeping up with this page than I am, and needs to get me his motherlovin' address, so I can send him a random prize (for one of his comments... I do that. It pays to particiapate, minions!). You're holding up progress, ZACH!

For those of you in Columbus, you can still get Gorewad Monsters at The Laughing Ogre comic shop. Get them now, because when the new figures reach my doorstep, Columbus Gorewads fans are getting completely random assortments! Last chance, in Cowtown, to get the original set in package.
We should have an announcement within the next couple of weeks, about the availability of the new Gorewads figures. Keep your eyes peeled.

The Iron Runt just had a birthday, and one of her presents, was an Allumilite casting kit. Simple, elementary, I know, but she's 10. You've got to start somewhere. I am going to help her cast the molds of her own polyclay creations, and help her in casting them... If the Minions of the Iron Toy Cult wish, I can post pictures of the process. Let me know if there's an interest for that.

Finally, Iron Runt and myself have gotten into the domestic release of the Predasaurs: DNA Fusion toys. I'll be writing a review on those, either tomorrow or Saturday.

The next couple of months is going to be crazy, so get in touch with us! Leave me your questions and comments, and we'll do our damnedest to make this the best damned toy experience possible.

Time to go...
It's been fun though, right?
(Prize to the first person that can identify where my sound-off quote is from!)



  1. HA, i'd love to see Iron Runts casts man :D

    it's been fun though, right?,,, sounds like the Joker to me!!

  2. Name the body of work Biz! You're halfway there!

  3. Pulling this out my ass but Joker from Under the red hood?

  4. also I cant wait to start the voting and of course you should post Iron Runt's casts and such it is awesome that you are getting her involved in something so awesome.

  5. Hell, I'm going to send you both something. Get me your address, B00sted. Biz, I am pretty sure I have yours already.
    It was from Under the Red Hood....

    For those of you that haven't seen it: What in the blue hell are you waiting for?!

    Also, B00sted, she showed an interest! Hopefully, she'll be way ahead of where I am, by the time she's my age!

    1. That is awesome! My wife hates the shit I am already teaching our 2yr old with computers and electronics haha. Also just watched Under the Red Hood with my son earlier today hence it stuck out to me. Anyways I will hit you up with my address on the forums again just In case you need it :)

  6. Sweet, you really are an all round swell guy huh? HAHA,

    Nice one dude, im looking forward to seeing your runt's castings man, my 6yr old daughters showing an interest in sculpting, but for now she's sticking to plasticene until she get used to it.

  7. " What in the blue hell are you waiting for?!"

    Hopefully not a date with a crowbar. Yeesh.