Friday, September 7, 2012

Universe of Violence: Character Concept Voting

Okay, a smidge later than I promised, but here it is:
I'm going to post figure concepts, you're going to vote on them. The winner of each week's voting goes to the last week's vote. It's like a deathmatch tournament, with you guys deciding which concept will make the final cut.

Voting will last until Wednesday, when I start the second round. Vote in the comments section.

Without further ado:

#1. Ig. The Sock Monkey Warrior. 

#2. Racht: Lizard Alien, Executioner

#3. Hyenaman: Cackling Hench Bastard

There's your first three candidates. It's up to you, now.



  1. shit dude.. I cant decide between 1 and 3... since you already got a vote for 3 I am going to vote 1.

  2. 1 looks the least crappy... but I want to see Racht more developed so that's my vote.

  3. #3. Hyenaman is my vote! I hate monkeys!!!!

  4. I am really glad to see you posting sketches... not just for the voting aspect (which is great) but I'm a fan of seeing how something develops. Like a painting where you can still see remnants of the original sketch. Great stuff!

    Really loving the style!

    1. Haha, Luke, I wish you would've just left that you think my stuff is crappy. It might have been funny, with people who don't know us as well thinking "Who is this guy trolling Jimmy?"

      Hahaha, as it were, thanks. I plan on showing a little more developmental stuff over the course of this third wave.

  5. Replies
    1. I'm imagining that you just grunted as you said that.

  6. I vote for Hyenaman. "Cackling Hench Bastard" is priceless.

  7. Number 2 would have my vote if he had a tail. I like the 2nd picture he's screaming. Officially I vote for #3.

  8. Got anything you've done in crayon on a toilet seat cover?

  9. My vote has to go for #2, mainly because i could realy do with going for a #2 right now,

    oh, and its my favorite design also, even though their all cool looking.

  10. They're all shit, but #2 is the best of a bad bunch...