Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Update-Hate, 10/29/2012

Greetings, minions.
I would like to start off this update, by briefly talking about what an  unequivocal piece of shit last night's (and WWE's) "Hell in the Cell" pay per view was. In a wrestling promotion, you must have a MacGuffin for all of the wrestlers to chase... In fact, successful promotions have several: Title belts. The most important, of all of these MacGuffiins, is the World/Heavyweight title... And you do everything in your power to protect the prestige of that title, otherwise it isn't worth jack-shit. If your top guy is a piece of shit, then the belt he holds is a piece of shit. If this piece of shit is the best we're going to see, then why are we watching in the first place? See what I am saying?

So, why would they book their champion (CM Punk) to look like an absolute coward? Granted, CM Punk is wrestling as a heel (villain), but he is also working under the idea that he is "The Best in the World". Ryback, the contender, has been working his way up the feud-chain (see what I did there?), by squashing jobbers left and right, several times a week. This pseudo-erudite Bill Goldberg clone has been walking through the weakest wrestlers that the roster has to offer, and has no business being in a world title match... At least, that is the argument that CM Punk should have been making. Where is the contendership qualifying match? And why in the blue hell would they book a man that believes he is the best in the world (and has the gold to back it up), cower from a guy that has only beaten nobodies?
Who writes this shit?

Anyhow, my spite and vitriolic ranting aside, I am going to run the comment contest on the last post for one more week. There will be two winners. Get in, get heard, get prizes.

Also, we should have some rad shit to show you guys very soon. I have personally been working my fingers to the bone on a multitude of new sculpts. There are new Universe of Violence figures coming up the pike (including Hell Turtle!!), new Gorewads, and a whole new concept that Eric and I think you guys will dig... And we're also working on a figure concept that will tilt the LRG (little rubber guys) cartridge, and perhaps even change the game a little.

Stay tuned minions! The Iron Toy Cult is pressing forward... Taking over the world, one toy shelf at a time.


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  1. Tilt the cartridge totally confused me until you mentioned changing the game, and then it totally worked. Neat.

    Very curious on the hype on the stuff that we don't know is coming yet.