Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Universe of Violence Wave 3 Tournament Finals

Alright, minions... I apologize for the tardiness of this post, I've just had my hands full with about ten different projects... But, here it is, the finals of the Universe of Violence Wave 3 concepts.
Without further ado:

#1. Kobuto Bozu
       The Beetle Biker

#2. Hadolou
The Backwoods Demon Barbarian

#3. Hyenaman
The Cackling Hench Bastard

Those are the final three candidates, with the winner being included in the third wave of Universe of Violence. Wave one figures can still be purchased HERE. Stay tuned for news about sets B and C from wave one, as well as the release of Wave 2.

Put your votes in the comments section of this post, voting ends on October 15th (get your votes in!).



  1. Gotta go #3 Love me some Cackling Hench Bastards xD

  2. Got to go with #3 as well on this one.

  3. I love Kobotuo Bozu, but a toy Hench Bastard is just so useful! I gotta go with #3.

  4. Maybe i'll be the only one going with #2, but i like the 2 piece concept.

    So, #2 for me.

  5. A very much literal eleventh-hour vote goes to Kobuto Bozu!

    Although there's something oddly familiar about a kabuto beetle-themed biker... Hmm. It'll come to me later, I'm certain.