Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm not even bullshitting you a little bit: I'm stalling.
I have been working on so many new pieces, that I haven't really had the time to post that much... And none of the pieces are done. I should have a good chance at finishing at least 25% of them tomorrow, so let's cross out fingers for a photo-heavy update on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, I'm going to inundate you with links and pictures of shit that I like. Ready? Go.

Man E Toys is a neat site, and did a write up on a project that definitely caught my eye. It's a gimmick called "Monster Boogie", and Google was not particularly helpful in allowing me to find more info on the line. Tune in to Man E Toys for more info. I'll certainly be following. I wonder if they are resin or what.

Eric Nilla needs to update his blog! Be that as it were, he's got some teaser pics up of his next piece for the Universe of Violence line... I'm not just saying this because I'm involved in the project, but I have seen a clear progress shot of this guy, and you don't want to sleep on it! The next couple of UoV figures are going to be "Boss" figures, so stay tuned. You may even see a particular reptile from the fires of the inferno, too.

My dude Luke Harris has been getting his hustle on, getting his craft out, and he's got a ton of stuff working. He's got new Lobo keshi up for sale on his site, as well as a couple of other collaborations that are damned neat. Check it out. He's really stepped up his game as of late, andI wouldn't be surprised to see him making more waves in the near future.

Finally, more entertaining that the last UFC:
I'm still running this month's contest in the "Sound Off" post. Right now, Antonio is the clear favorite to win. If you're trying to win some free Ironhaus customs (not bootlegs, mind you... Not knocking the craft, but I don't do that), better get your comments in.


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