Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Night AH!

 Greetings, minions.

I have been really busy (Like I needed to say that again, haha) on lots of new sculpts, and my excitement for these has been growing for a long time... But the time is nearly here for them to see the light of day.

The number one priority, as far as I understand it from the emails and comments that I receive, is Hell Turtle. You guys have been very patient about this guy, ever since the first concept sketch went up for the OMFG 2 submission "contest" (Don't even get me started...), I have gotten lots of great feedback on this guy. Even when the micro/cutesy Gorewad Monsters version, "Diet Hell Turtle", HT's small but loyal following made their voices heard.  I can't give you guys a hard release
date yet, but I would keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from
Eric Nilla and myself this month. 

After Hell Turtle gets his big debut, Mr. Nilla and I will have a few big things to get your attention. I'm also working on a little solo project that I think you guys will get a kick out of. So, keep your eyes open folks... New Universe of Violence figures are coming! And these random pictures that I put up here, may just have some of the new cast of UoV hidden within them. You know how I do.

Oh yeah... Antonio. Riddler. Get me your addresses, and I'll get your prizes 
in the mail. Congrats guys! 



  1. hell yea thats awesome thanks man! these dudes are the coolest!

  2. Oh shit. I can't believe it, I got picked! Thanks man!

    Also, maybe Hell Turtle in November. That's really neat! ;)