Thursday, December 27, 2012

Contest Winners, and News/Links

So, first, my apologies for not getting this post up yesterday... Weather conditions kept me from really doing a whole hell of a lot that I wanted to yesterday... However, I am here now to announce the winners of the somewhat underwhelming Year End Insult Contest. Too much holiday cheer, maybe?
The victor this time around is Leviathan Namahage.
Second place, goes to Luke Harris of l.designs, for his immediate compulsion to cannibalize the other contestants.   Get my your addresses, guys, and I'll get those prizes out in the mail.

Second, Little Weirdos blog did a write up on Gorewads series 2&3. I am actually glad that somebody is still getting a kick out of these... With most of my feedback being for the Universe of Violence line, it's good to get an idea of what people like and dislike about our other projects, as well. I'll be doing a full post about the Gorewad Monsters, and their future, sometime after New Year's. I will say this much though: Eric and I have discussed the two basic types of Gorewads, and we have a plan for addressing that.

A reminder, Hell Turtle goes live at Eric Nilla's Storenvy page, starting January 1st, 2013.
Check his blog, for any upcoming details. I know there is one neat little surprise that he has yet to unveil, so stay tuned.

Alrighty, minions... It's time to go. It's been fun though, right?


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  1. Yehaaaa! I win win win! I haven`t won anything since years! Thanks so much! Pm sending