Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Does anybody have any idea what comes next?

Greetings, minions!
2013 has arrived, as has the new and improved Ironhaus. The IroNilla collaboration has kicked things off with the Hell Turtle release (get them while you can), and February will see the release of Eric Nilla's UoV Boss figure. Check with his blog, for updates and announcements on that. It's a beasty figure, and I know that I am looking forward to it.
As I said in the 2013 "State of the Iron" address, part of the appeal to changing up the release model was the opportunities that the schedule would afford Mr. Nilla and myself... That being said, what do YOU guys think is coming? What do YOU want to see?
I know in February, I have a thing or two planned. Folks following the Ironhaus Facebook page have already been given a slight glimpse into what I have in the works. I'd love to hear your opinions on what we've done, as well as where we're going... And just a reminder, I haven't announced a contest for January yet.... It may already be happening, and you don't even know it.


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