Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March's Universe of Violence Figure: Arn Hellstorm

To the Ironhaus Horde:

Over at Eric Nilla's blog, he's announced that March's Universe of Violence figure will be Arn Hellstorm, a sculpt that I actually revealed late last year. Old Arn is up to bat, ready to do battle with the rest of the denizens of the Universe of Violence!

He is the first regular sized, non-boss, UoV figure and he will come single packed with an accessory or companion figure. When Eric announces the official release/drop for the month, he will give an exact figure on the price but expect Hellstorm to go for between $10-$12 (plus shipping, naturally). He'll be available at Eric Nilla's store within the next day or so, so stay tuned for the official release. 

I know the Rommel household has been eagerly awaiting the Hellstorm versus Deadface deathmatch!

Arn will be available for 30 days from his release, in a variety of colors... And as an added bonus, Eric is making the chase figures (Metallic, GITD, thermal color change) figures at a rate of 1:3. That's insane!

I also have another large announcement to make soon... As soon as I get the word that I can talk about it, I'll let you know. Something big, mean, and scary will be coming from across the pond, if you catch my drift.

Rommel, out.