Monday, April 15, 2013

Ironmask Returns

So, my apologies to the Ironhaus Horde, for my lack of updates lately... Life's been a whirlwind, and now that things are settling, I have some good news, AND stuff to show you!
I haven't really had time to sit down and write updates, but I have been sculpting... And I hope you likey!

First off: 
The first look at this Summer's all-new Gorewad Monsters!

 As of this moment, there are three sculpts completed or 90% completed. There will be more news on these, when we get closer to the Summer break. These guys are a little bit larger than the first few sets of Gorewads, but I'm aiming for more gore, more wad, more insanity.

 Next up, is a new take on Deadface! I haven't decided where he is going to end up, but I really liked how he turned out! He is actually smaller than the original UoV Deadface, to better match the scale of MUSCLE figures.

As for this guy above? I'm not telling you jack or shit about it, just yet. Haha, just you wait...

 Finally, I had a blast hanging out at the Columbbus Toy Show yesterday, with Bryan Borgman of Kaiju Kaos and Sandbagger JR Deem from Sandtastic Toys! Bryan scored the 1:1 Hell Turtle vs Elephunt BLACK set... Also this Summer, look for a limited release of Hell Turtle: Black sets. I'll let you guys know more about those, as we get closer to the date. Hopefully, I'll have some news about Ironhaus' showings from the toy shows in the UK and Japan by the end of the month. It's been a busy and exciting time!

As for my first solo release:
The figures are sculpted, molded, casted and ready to go... Once I get the clerical particulars in order, and my store in place, you'll have an opportunity to order the madness direct!



  1. Replies
    1. You forgot a couple of letters in my name, Jack.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bags! It's good to be getting back on the saddle again, being able to share the sculpts with everybody!
      If you guys have any suggestions about the Gorewads line, I am all ears. It's not at all too late, for additions to the line! Somebody at the toy show suggested accessories for them.

  3. This update needs less actual news and information and more inexplicable unrelated animated GIF.

    New, poorly Photoshop-filtered dude looks suh-weet!

    1. Poorly filtered guy's lighting didn't show off the details, hence the filter poop. The levitating vomit head guy will be a lot of fun.

  4. Killer stuff as always.

    Maybe when i get a few casts of my new stuff we can arrange a nice little monsters trade.

  5. Great update! Even better rubbery 1:1 Hell Turtle vs Elephunt BLACK set! It was fun hanging out on Sunday and talking shop, etc. Looking forward to the future!

    1. No doubt! I can't wait to get to announce another project that I just took on, too.

  6. I like the little round gorewad with all the teeth. I like the idea of accessories. Maybe they have pets? And I am really looking forward to getting my mitts on that nifty box and whatever is inside it...

    1. Jules, that was a 1:1 set that I put together, and it lasted less than 15 minutes at the Columbus Toy Show.
      I do need to stop in downtown sometime, to drop something off to you.

      You know, something you missed out on.

    2. Aw Jimmy! You are such a swell guy, but I won't tell anyone that!