Monday, May 20, 2013

Meat Grinder: Ironhaus x Nama Niku x Eric Nilla

So, one of my super-secret projects is coming to fruition, and I can finally talk about it...

Remember the original Meat Grinder kitbash, by Nama Niku? Well,  Nama Sama and I got our heads together, and came up with an ALL NEW concept and design for the figure, and made him up from scratch. Nama Sama has pics of final production pieces (complete with removable title belt!) on his BLOG, so go look at them there.



  1. Hey I can't find this blog and I'm a librarian.
    What should I google or would you throw us a link?

    I LOVE April Fool's day...

    1. #1. The link is the big red "BLOG", in all caps.
      #2. "Nama Niku Kinnikuman News" is also linked on the sidebar, Mrs. Librarian.