Thursday, May 9, 2013

Micro Bastards

So, I know how much you guys love when toys run late... I know how much you love hearing me bitch about how Jakks Pacific mishandled SLUG Zombies, or Bandai mishandles everything cool that they get their hands on (over on the LRG forum)... So I know that you guys are probably really stoked that I told you all that I was going to have toys ready for you by March.
Be that as it were... I bit off more than I could chew, during a time in my life when I wasn't having that much fun with what I could chew. A change in jobs, and home address, and I was back on track...
Just not on track enough to crank out a 6-10 piece DIY line by myself, ON TOP of my full-time job, ON TOP of my relationship, and ON TOP of being a dad. You just don't dog out on your family, or on the way that you feed your family.  That being said, I have figures ready to go.

There are four figures,  three common and one chase. I will have pics up tomorrow of the line up, with a little bit more about how I intend to release these. In the meantime, check out these shots of figures that I have been teasing for months now.

Things that I have been working on for months, are going to start being available soon... Look for lots of news soon.


  1. I like the blue bear looking guy with the skull on his chest. Will it be available in that color os is that just the color of the original?

  2. He'll be available in a wide range of colors, including metallics and two-toned.

  3. You are good at things. Mmhmm.