Monday, July 15, 2013

Mondays Are For Monstering

Why, hello there...

So, I have gotten a lot of questions regarding the figures I pictured in my last post...
Roidy and Cannibal of "The Murks"
You know, these guys ------------------------->

I figured, if Topps can do parody figures, then so can I. I call them
"The Murks". Right now, I have two figures sculpted/molded/cast, and for right now, I'm going to keep them that way. I have a few more in the works, but we'll see how these guys do. I'm going to do a soft opening sale on them soon, and if they are popular enough, I'll release the other ones.

Also, coming up soon, will be the release of the BLACK series Hell Turtle figures. I've got some neat extras included with these guys, so stay tuned for the news on those. There are only ten BLACK series Hell Turtle sets, and I am most likely going to sneak them in on you guys this week. You've been warned!

Speaking of warnings, I warned you about a contest over at Frank K.'s Little Weirdos blog... And it's on like Marvin Gaye in fly-boots. You can win figures from UoV, Gorewads, Micro Bastards and even a whole set of HORDE figures (From Ironhaus and Trutek, as a part of Trutek's HUSTLE line), so go check out Frank K.'s blog for details!

That's all for now, let me know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Want want want. Want!

    Yeah, can't wait till the Murks go on sale.