Monday, August 12, 2013

Ironhaus x Man-E-Toys, August Sale

 Just another reminder, that your chance to pick up both Horde figure sets is still going on for the duration of the month. You can buy the figures as singles, as well as buying them as full sets (three figures, also saves you a little money) AND you have a selection of colors to choose from!
Go to the Man-E-Toys Store to find these, as well as the Deka Manzilla from Nama Niku, and the full range of toys from Zectron (including the Critter, MBOD, Kesh-E-Faces, and others). Go, and tell 'em that Rommel sent you.



  1. Your stuff is cool but that Zectron guy is a hack.


    1. I think I pretty much hate that guy. I hear he wets the bed, too.