Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ironhaus x Miyuki Morris Original Artwork

So, I teased over on the Ironhaus Facebook page that I'd have some artwork becoming available soon...
And here it is. Ol' Rommel has teamed up with Miyuki Morris on some Ironhaus Universe artwork, featuring some of your favorite characters. The first two available pieces are featuring Deadface from Universe of Violence, and an upcoming project that I am going to grief you by not talking about right now.
This first piece is called "Pile of Bodies", featuring Deadface and a host of poor saps that probably should have called in sick that day. The piece is 5"x7", and was sketched by me, watercolored by Ms. Morris, and inked by me. 
Here's a candid shot of Miyuki working on the colors for the other available piece, "Morning in Apocalypse". This piece is 7"x9", and is also  sketched my me/watercolored by Miyuki/inked by me. We've got several more pieces in the works, including a fun Deadface vs Hell Turtle piece that I am pretty pleased with. 

These are going on sale in the Ironhaus Store, over at Storenvy, today. I may, or may not do an announcement for when the other pieces will go for sale, but keep an eye out.