Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Huge Update!!

Okay gang, The stock in the store has been updated! I've replenished stock in some existing products, while adding some new pieces... I have a couple of things that I am pretty excited about, so pardon me for dispensing with the formalities to cut to the chase:
#1. HORDE II: BLACK Series figures on sale now!
Sarcophokill, Xackis, and Danny Cancer are all on sale now. Each figure comes with an exclusive Aayudo figure; Sarcophokill comes with exclusive red, Xackis comes with exclusive flesh, and Danny Cancer comes with the exclusive black Aayudo. Each 2-pack is $20 (US), and quantities are limited to 6 of each pack. 

#2. The next Micro Bastards figure is available!
Some of you have already gotten sneak previews of this figure, but Big-Head is finally on the market. He is available in what I call "Colorbomb" style, where he will be cast in several colors in one casting. He, like the other Micro Bastards releases, will be $6 (US).

#3. Micro Hell Turtles! NOT for sale in the store, but as I have done in the past, the first three orders after this blog post, will have one included FOR FREE with the order. Bad news: Not a wide-release. Good news: FREE!

#4. Dr. Goot!  Much like the Micro Hell Turtles, this figure is NOT for sale... HOWEVER!!! I will be including him with EVERY purchase that exceeds $35, completely FREE of charge. Now, when I say "$35", I am talking about AFTER shipping charges. One more time: Your order +shipping>$35, you get a free Dr. Goot. The colors on this figure will be random, but FREE toys, people!

#5. There is no number five. But, there are two ways to score free figures, with all of the new stock up at the Ironhaus store! What's wrong with that?


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