Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Second Chance: Hell Turtle, Original Gorewads

Okay gang, just a little reminder: There's a second-chance sale going on over at Eric Nilla's toy store. Deadface/Hell Turtle 2-Packs (it's a link... click on it) are on sale, so those that missed out on Hell Turtle in January can get caught up... Also, this is the last chance to score this particular sculpt of Deadface, so don't get left out.

Also, for the first and only time ever, you can get ALL of the original Gorewad Monsters in one package, in the color of your choosing. Wanted to score a completely flesh set? There it is, folks, at THIS LINK. All 17 pieces for $45.50, which averages out around $2.65 a figure. I defy you to find a better bargain than that in the custom mini figure "scene" (snort). 

The ALL NEW Gorewads can be found now at the Ironhaus Store (link in upper left corner, for the uninitiated), but if you were looking to score all of the originals, get on them now, because the sale won't last forever. And don't miss out on the Meat Grinder figure from Nama Niku, also at Nilla's store.
I'd mention that I sculpted the body on that figure, but nobody believes me anyways, haha


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