Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Night Crawl

Hoo-hah, Horde! It's Monday night, and I have got some news to lay on you guys. 

#1. Check out Imperfecz Realm: Mutants figures over at Imperfecz Big Cartel store. There are ten sculpts to choose from, and a number of ways to get them: 2-packs (dedicated, with the pairings being represented in the picture to the right), 3-packs (random, with exclusive color variants), and the full eleven figure set. You can also buy the Mutant Hunter figure a la carte, so pretty much any way you want to collect the whole line, you can. Whether you pick up the 2-pack, the 3-pack or the full set, you can get these guys for less than $10 a figure. This kind of affordable madness is what happens, when two crazies like Jimmy Rommel and Luke Harris put their minds together. 

#2. November 13th, 2013. Ironhaus is going to try something a little different. You've been warned.

#3. The Ironhaus store has been updated with new stock. When Frankenblem, Big Head, and the first wave of All-New Gorewads are gone, they are gone, to make way for the new stuff I have been working on.

#4. Next week: New Murks!

You've been warned!


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