Sunday, October 13, 2013

Party Time Update, Suckas!

As promised, Party Time Beetle Punk has landed in the Ironhaus store today.

What I DIDN'T promise, was that the first five orders that go out after this post, will also get a little bonus... I can't tell you what it is, or show you...  But once they are circulating, I will gladly go into more detail over in any of the Ironhaus threads over at the LRG forum. 
Also: expect an announcement soon, about new Murks figures... I think you guys will dig where that whole project is going. I'll be finishing the playset that I have been working on for them soon, so hopefully there will be news on that front, as well.
Next, read this awesome review Ironhaus got over at Nerditis. It's really cool to see people enjoying the toys, and the Life in Plastic writer took really cool pictures to cover the review. Thanks, Nerditis!

And, finally... Keep checking the Imperfecz blog for news on the upcoming Luke Harris/Jimmy Rommel collaboration. I'll let Luke bust the full news out on you guys, but I will tell you that there are ten original sculpts in the line, and there is a pretty diverse visual palate... Very excite.
(Oh, and don't let me forget to pimp Frank K.'s Little Weirdos blog. It's awesome, and you should immediately go check it out, if you haven't.)


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