Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Welcome Back, Murks!

After a bit of a sabbatical, the Murks have returned... And they've brought some new friends--er, well, some new frienemies.

The Murks have expanded their roster from Cannibal, Roidy and Gremlin, including Hamburgerface and Back Alley Surgeon!

But joining the Murks are their new rivals, the Hamstors. The Hamstors are a tribe of feral hamsters that have to feud with the Murks over resources... But they also coexist wherever they can. Petra, the amazonian hamster warrioress is joined by Hamroid (who is coincidentally Roidy Murk's gym buddy... But don't tell anybody!) Petra comes packed with Hamburgerface, and Hamroid comes with Back Alley Surgeon... All of them are waiting to join the rest of the Murks on their misadventures.

However, a dark cloud also looms over the Murks and the Hamstors, in the form of Big Head (officially making the move from the Micro Bastards universe) and the psychotic puppet reject Meathook. These agents of chaos are looking to eat whatever they can from the Murk and Hamstors camps, and destroy whatever is left over.

These will go on sale July 3rd at the Ironhaus Store, and as an added bonus, the first two orders will get a Hell House micro for free with their order.

That's my two cents for now, and as usual, my two cents are free.

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