Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Dine on death, feast on destruction"

Man's reliance on nuclear power, ultimately, was the very dependency that would destroy everything.
Humanity was notorious for it's avarice. Every enterprise known to man employed penny-shaving tactics in business, and construction was certainly no stranger to that principle. When a construction company won a bid for a Pacific shoreline reactor, the cost-cutting practices went in effect immediately, affecting everything from materials to staffing. The job was finished before deadline and far under budget, resulting in promotions for those in charge of the project, and a hefty profit for those financially invested in it. Things were good... For a while.
The cheap materials and rushed craftsmanship didn't hold up for long, as five years later, the reactor was put to the test during a meltdown... And the reactor failed, miserably. What came next was expected, and unstoppable.
Death. On a grand scale. Radiation touched everything within a 50 mile radius, polluted the waters, and poisoned the air. 
The irradiated and necrotic flesh of not only the humans that died in the area, but every living thing in the area, gained a hive-like sentience and began to reconstitute itself. The aggregate monster took pieces of destroyed buildings, automobiles, trains, and whatever else it needed to create a corporeal form. The moment it learned to stand, the colossus made out of radioactive death emptied it's lungs and nuclear effluvia filled the skies.
Cable news media named it "The Necrolossus", and he stomped towards civilization looking to feast.

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