Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Draznar Uncensored - World of Nintendo Link and Toon Link

When I first discovered that Nintendo was going to be doing a line for some of their AAA characters, I was very excited. Then I heard they were being done by Jakks Pacific and I lost excitement. I don't know why, but I always felt like they were a bad brand. This is likely because they just aren't a house hold name like Mattel or Hasbro.

At any rate, then the pictures came out and I was in awe. The figures looked great! My only issue after this was extremely poor distribution, (at least in my area of Canada), and so I had seen only Yoshi and Mario in stores and a single micro playset.

Today was my lucky day, however, as my local Wal-Mart just got them stocked with all of the Wave 1 figures, and I had a $25 Wal-Mart card, (what's better than free toys?)

Today I grabbed the mini Toon Link, unposeable, and the adult Link which is poseable. The pictures I'm including are terrible. I have not found a good spot to take pictures in my new place and haven't had the time to create any sort of photo box. These are the best I can do at the moment! (Also, my table isn't dirty, my six year old drew with markers on paper and it bled through. Damn kids).

Here is link in the package. Nice, simple, attractive blister card

Here is the back of the card. Again, simple and attractive. Lets get this sucker open!

Link, equipped with his gear and standing beside the "mystery" item!

The first thing I noticed out of the box, was the incredibly shitty elbow joints. These look so fragile.

You'll notice his limp wrist going on. The joint can't handle the pressure of the sword. The scabbard looks nice on his back though. Moving on though, what was in that mystery box?

It is Link's Hylian shield! What AWESOME detail on this thing! I think they're finally redeeming themselves here!

Except for this. Casual Zelda fans might not realize why this is a problem. Link is a left-handed swordsman, and this shield is designed for use in the left hand. God dammit.

Due to the crappy left hand, this is the only pose I could get him in with his shield. It feels so wrong. Also, the "leather" strap and the handle make it impossible to properly fit on his arm. This isn't properly attached in this photograph. Let's move on to Toon Link and then discuss my final thoughts!

The packaging is similar to the other Link's, but this figure is half the size and has no articulation. He does come with one accessory though, his shield!

There's a bit of paint slop on his face, but in general it's a nice looking figure. Lets finally move on to my verdict on these guys!

I have been dying for a good Link figure for years. I thought these figures were finally the answer to that desire, and I have to say that Jakks Pacific has not delivered. The larger figure was $12, and the smaller was $4 or $5, I don't recall. The larger figure is plagued with problems, as well as an inaccurate and useless shield, (something I would have looked over if he could hold it up properly). Due to the quality and construction, I felt like I paid $12 for a $5 figure at best. As for the mini, I actually like the figure, and I wouldn't complain about the price save for two issues: the paint slop on his eye, and that when I pushed his shield on it made his arm pop out a bit. At $4 - $5 for such a small figure, I don't feel like I should have those issues. Feel free to disagree with me, but that's my opinion on the matter.

I'll be returning the Link tomorrow, to be honest. I am keeping Toon Link though! Do you agree or disagree? Leave me some comments! Also, let me know if you guys like this style of review and I'll try and do more. I'm still looking for my footing here at Ironhaus and any input will be greatly appreciated!

If you guys like what I have to say, I'll try and pump out a review each week!

Later, folks!


  1. Maybe the shield is left handed because he's based off of skyward sword link, who is right handed.....

  2. Nice review. Looks like you get what you pay for with this Link. Figma made a really great figure but it is much more expensive.