Sunday, May 10, 2015

DOOM Gotter: The Next Batch

Hey folks, it's Rommel, here to give you a sneak-peek at the upcoming second wave of DOOM Gotter figures! 

Ironhaus x Imperfecz brings you Chupacabra and Ushi-Oni, respectively.  Luke did one hell of a job bringing Ushi-Oni to life, with his giant curved horns, and arachno-bovine appeal.
I sculpted the Chupacabra, which frankly, looks like the drunken carouser of the kaiju world. Maybe he just guzzled a tanker's worth of gasoline before hitting the town?
Anyways, stay tuned for more news about the release on these guys. You can still get the original DOOM Gotter product line from the Imperfecz Toy Store (click the link! clicking on links is free! go check them out!), and keep your eyes peeled to this blog as well as Luke's Imperfecz Realm for news on the release. 
And, as always, Ironhaus is always 100% made from scratch, original, and this team up with the ultra-talented Luke Harris  is no exception.
Enjoy the pics! 

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