Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fortress of Inhumanity News Break

So, John Morey over at Nerditis does it again! Check out his Life in Plastic review of Fortress of Inhumanity, at Nerditis for his take on the first wave of Fortress of Inhumanity.

Tonight, at, I will be hosting a vote for LRG members (if you aren't one, go get signed up) to be able to pick which of the FOI sculpts get into the next lineup. If you aren't already a member, go get signed up. It's free, and LRG has possibly the best depth of knowledge online of existing minifigure lines (vintage, new, mainstream, obscure, international, custom).

That being said, I am looking to get the molds for the next wave of FOI done up this weekend. I hope to finish the character profiles for the first wave by this weekend, as well as the mini comic for the second wave.


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