Monday, August 21, 2017

Universe of Violence - Butcher's Day Parade

Today's spotlight is on the final Universe of Violence figure for this wave, Butcher's Day Parade. Sculpted by Ironhaus Jimmy.

I know you guys are anxious to get your grubby mitts on these awesome new sculpts, but we've got some finishing touches we need added to bring the project together.

Name: Butchers' Day Parade

Age: 400
Race: Demon
Bio: A force of nature born from remains left in a mass grave, BDP awakens every seven years to wage a campaign of abject terror and destruction; he is misery and revenge incarnate.
Strength: BDP can reconstitute himself at will out of whatever biological matter is laying around. He wakes for one month every seven years, and goes back to sleep when that month is over. He can't be killed.
Weakness: ???

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