Friday, June 15, 2012

A Few Things

So, here's a little taste of the next few things...

I wanted to try a few different things, because I feel that mini figures are an art form that has sort of stagnated as of late. I'll write a love post sometime, to highlight my favorite mini figures... But for right now, I want to try some things that haven't been beaten to death.

 Not exactly breaking new ground, with the new Gorewad figure, but I'm pretty determined to do a respectable number of gross-out pieces, in the spirit of recapturing our love of old Garbage Pail Kids, Dinosaurs Attack, EC Comics, and the list goes on. I feel like everything out there now, has been sterilized to the point where a lot of toys are devoid of fun. To hell with that, I'm bringing blood and guts back! <3
 Demonic, alien/reptile tadpoles, anybody? The challenge was to make a tadpole monster. WTF did you think was going to happen?
 Some super minis that are going to be a lot of fun, when they are finished. The red M.U.S.C.L.E. is there for size comparison... These buggers are going to be tiny.
 This guy's going to wind up being a lot of fun. Just wait.
And, my little buddy, Petra. R.I.P.

I have a toy review to write tonight, and will do it in a separate post... Things are going to be popping up, as a lot of things I have been working on, are coming to fruition... And I'm going to start nagging Eric Nilla, until I can start talking openly about our project. Those figures are a lot of fun.


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