Saturday, June 23, 2012

"I hope he gets effed by a cactus"

Jerry Sandusky, found guilty. Music to my ears. I don't even give a shit about college football (To be honest, I think it's creepy that a bunch of grown men are so interested in the lives of a bunch of kids that are barely out of high school, but I digress), but I hope they find everybody that was involved with covering this pervert's tracks, and drop them into an open sewer made out of cancer and razorblades. You just don't fuck with kids.


I wanted to to get to a few other pieces of business.

1) Check out It's a great resource for re-finding your childhood, recapturing your childhood, and if none of that is good enough for you? Eric Nilla and I are running a contest, with the winner making off with two free advanced copies of Universe of Violence figures. Want free Universe of Violence figures? Gotta go to LRG.

2) Annie at Find Chaos, wrote up a review on my blog. She said nicer things about this blog, than I sure would have. Annie's got a pretty good thing going over there at Find Chaos, namely her comic (that has a fairly respectable follow, by the way...) LOOK HERE.

Those are my plugs from now. Hopefully, I'll have some more pics of UoV and Gorewad figures soon... I'm still trying to think of a contest for my members/followers, whatever... All eight of you. If you read, and haven't joined, shame on you. Join now, you'll have a chance to win some free shit later.

Gotta go.
It's been fun though, right?


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