Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gorewad Monsters: Ready for Action!!

The Gorewad Monsters are here!

 Thanks to insomnia, idle hands, and the casting skills of Eric Nilla (You've gotta start your own blog, homie!), the Gorewads have finally landed! There are three different sculpts, and the colors are going to be done at random.
 (HippoROTamus, Diet Hell Turtle, Hammerguts)
 (Back view)

 Look at these little buggers! Eric really did a hell of a job casting these up. Anyways, now that I am done gushing about the man-behind-the-rubber, I should probably spill the 411 on these little bastards...

They'll be bagged and carded, each bag containing a random color, with each character being represented. Each pack will be available for $12 (plus shipping, when applicable), which is about as low as we could go, to cover the cost of materials. The Gorewads are cast in rubber, not resin, so you should be able to throw them against the wall, and get a respectable bounce-back. I know I'll be bouncing mine all over the damn place. Believe it.

By tomorrow, I should have a contest up, with one member (haha, "member") winning a free pack of the Gorewad experience, with a free insult written and signed on the header card by yours truly. If you follow the blog, and you're not a member, shame on you. Join up, because only members (*snort*) are eligible.

For now, I have to go...
It's been fun though, right?


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