Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perry Saturn No-Sold Three Bullets

So, while we're waiting for July 29th's release of the Gorewad Monsters, and the Universe of Violence Wave One to hit, I figured I would give you guys a taste of some more of the stuff that I've been putting together here, at Ironhaus...

 So, there are three new Gorewads, two are complete, one is near completion, in addition to the new sculpts I sent out, last week.
Also, above, is the third finished figure for a THIRD as-of-yet-unnamed project, that IroNilla will announce later, likey this fall, after the dust has settled on the inaugural IroNilla releases.

Also, don't forget to keep up with Dave at Amerikaiju, for his new H.A.C.K. wave one singles offerings, as well as his release of H.A.C.K. wave two.

Time to go...
It's been fun though, right?


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