Monday, July 16, 2012

Universe of Violence: Contest!!

Heya, everybody... It's the determined German, and I've got this one of a kind Universe of Violence, Blemmyea figure to put up for grabs. Blemmy is a translucent red, with a minty opaque green pushed through, and cast in rubber. 
 Now, here's the grift: Tell me, what is your favorite wrestling match of all time, and why?

A few ground rules:
1. Unlike the Gorewad Monster Insult Contest, you only get one shot at this. You have to pick one favorite match, and anybody trying to post multiples is disqualified... No ifs, ands or buts.
2. It can literally be any match, from the states, UK, Japan, Mexico, wherever. It doesn't matter where or when it happened, as long as...
3. Your write up needs to be a complete thought. It doesn't have to be any longer than a paragraph, but you've got to give us the who, what, where, when and of course, why.
4. You've got to be a member. If you're not, sign up. If you're not a member, you ain't gettin' shit! <3
I'll be selecting my favorite testimonial on Friday, July 20th.

And don't forget: on the 20th, I am starting the second Gorewad Monsters Insult contest. Get your material right, dummies, because, it's about to be on like Marvin Gaye in fly-boots.

Time to go...
It's been fun though, right?



  1. Wrestlemania 25 I was in section 606 row L seat 14 for the best match on the Card Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. The beginning of what would be a great rivalry and one hell of a back and forth match that stole the show as Undertaker went on to become 17-0.

  2. I'm going a little nostalgia on this one, I choose Hulk Hogan Vs The Ultimate Warrior at WM VI. I was 12 and I remember so well the anxiety for that match, I was for Hogan and my brother was for Warrior, sadly I lost :( and I refuse to talk to my brother for an entire day! Haha!


    2. E-mailing the link to the brother in 3.. 2.. 1..

  3. July 25, 1986 at Baltimore Arena (figured that out with Google). Not a televised event. I was 8 years old. Hulk Hogan vs Adrian Adonis in a steel cage match. I was rooting for Adonis. He beat the crap out of Hogan the entire match. At the end, Hogan was laid out in the middle of the ring, and I was hoping for Adonis to go for the cage door and take Hogan's title away. Instead, Adonis starts climbing the cage.

    I figured this was setting up the inevitable Hogan walking out the door while Adonis slowly climbs the cage, but instead, Adonis JUMPS from the top the cage and tries to land a flying elbow drop on Hogan in the ring. Of course Hogan rolls out of the way and crawls out the cage door for the win. It would've been a disappointing ending if not for witnessing a big man's blatant disregard for his own body, and at a time when I probably thought wrestling was real.

    That match stuck with me, and remained the craziest thing I had seen in the WWF until Undertaker tossed Mick Foley off the top of Hell in a Cell through the Spanish announcers' table.

  4. When i was a a kid we used to spend summers with relatives in texas. Right on the border of mexico. I was always into boxing and kung fu flicks but never wrestling. One day when we were all there my pops singled me out(youngest of a bunch of siblings)and dragged me out of an arcade to go see a bull fight across the border. I complained most of the way cause i had zero interest in watching a giant beast get stabbed to death by little assholes in sparkling outfits. He finally stopped and asked what i wanted to do instead. I had no idea so we walked around for awhile. Reynosa wasn't a big town but it was always packed with street vendors and shops and fairs. He saw a poster for a wrestling match and we followed the directions. The guy outside the tiny building told us we missed most of the show but the main event was coming up. Tickets were 2 bucks each so we walked in. I wasn't really excited. Wrestling always seemed fake to me and i prefered actual violence but my pops never took me anywhere like that before so i played along. The building held maybe 30 fans and the ring looked like something a kid would build in his back yard. I was not impressed. Then a huge masked mexican jumped into the ring screaming and slapping his own face, insulting the crowd as loud as he could since there were no mics in the place at all. It was pretty fun actually watching the crowd get pissed off and seeing everyone yell back. Then everyone got silent as a giant(i was like 9 years old)walked up to ring wrapped in a red velvet cape with a black mask on covered in fancy gold stitching. Even the "bad guy" went silent and backed away slowly. Then the Giant tossed off his cape and you could see massive tattoos covering his chest and back. As he flexed towards the crowd he got smashed in the back of the head with a hammer and blood flew. I couldn't help but stand and cheer. The next half hour was epic. Body slams and tackles. Top rope antics that had no place being attempted in such a piece of shit ring. It didn't matter that is was probably scripted and rehearsed, they fought bigger then the ring. Bigger then the 30 people watching and screaming. They showed more respect for each other and the sport then i had ever seen before in ANY sport. By the end blood had splattered everywhere and the crowd was as exhausted as the men in the ring. When the hero walked out of the ring he reached into a bag and tossed action figures of himself into the crowd. About the size of gi joes but just rock hard pieces of solid plastic with a non-descript body and a generic mask on probably made out of toxic chemicals but they did have a real cloth cape. I was honored to have seen that battle. For men to do THAT probably for less money then the cost of the beers it would take to ease the pain that night was incredible. My respect for whatever that's worth was earned and has not diminished since.

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    1. It was 1997 and I was in high school and my mate Luke Williams (I used to call him Bushwacker) brought me in a Video to watch, that video was Wrestlemania 7 which contains my favourite match of all time Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (Career Ending Match) I loved the fact the Warrior caught Savage mid air and that Bitch (can't remember her name, it wasn't Elizabeth) nailed Savage from the top rope by accident and the way the Warrior ended up pinning Savage with his foot was great.
      The after match entertainment was excellent aswell with said Bitch descending upon Savage but elizabeth (who was in the crowd) was having none of it and swiftly threw her out of the ring and her and Savage ended up walking out the ring hand in hand.
      I dont know why I love this match, maybe its the hype created beforehand but it remains one of my favourite alltime matches.
      [R.I.P Elizabeth]

    2. That would be "Sensational" Sherrie Martel!

  6. Sorry, I've very rarely seen wrestling, or rather all the posturing and bluster that precedes them, but there is one match I will never forget.

    I happened to see this on TV a couple years back and never forgotten it. It was an outdoor match between two Japanese guys, and based on the story they were brothers. One of them, a kind fellow, had just discovered that his brother was a remorseless murderer. The way the guy played his part was unforgettable. You could see the sadness in his eyes, the way he felt betrayed, yet the duty to bring him to justice, brother or no.

    It was the point where he pulls out some kind of stick and tried to shove it down his brother's throat (obviously failing, again as it was wrestling) that really got my attention. After that the war was on and it was insane. The way those two fought, the good brother almost with frustration and grief, the evil one with pure rage, the punching and grappling... it was as much an art in storytelling as it was violence.

    I really do wish I had seen that fight to the end, but alas I had to stop and I never caught any names. Maybe some kind soul remembers something about this match and could help me out.

  7. I grew up loving wrestling. I never was a fan of WWF because it was so overly choreographed. Plus some of the gimmicks were so dumb it was just a turn off. Then I discovered the Jim Crockett promotion(NWA) before it became WCW. WOW, was I in love! The personalities were so fresh and real! I was instantly hooked.
    A fued sticks out more in my mind then any one match. Sting Vs. Ric Flair. I was a big fan of Sting back before his pre-crow days! He symbolized the ultimate good guy. Ric flair was the ultimate hot shot, arrogant bad guy. I ate it up when those two squared off. I could not stay still. This fued sticks out in my mind even to this day because it was built up so well.
    Sting and Flair had fueded on and off again over the course of a few years but when Ric Flair was attacked by the Great Muta and Terry Funk, Sting came to the aid of his former foe. Eventually they became allies and Sting joined the reforemd Four Horsemen. Everything was great til' sting became a Number #1 contender for Flair's belt.
    The Horsemen turned on Sting by telling him to refuse the contender spot or be kicked out of the horsemen. Sting did not and they attacked him, giving him a legitimate knee injury. For a little kid this was nail-biting great drama! Eventually sting returned from injury and after some great matches of back and forth, the fued culminated on July 7, 1990, at the The Great American Bash
    where Sting finally defeated Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This match has to be the pinnicle of wrestling perfection because of all the (build up)months of Sting being hurt, attacked, and mocked ended with him taking the title from Flair. I remember being so happy that I actually cried. The match had alot of back and forth and for a moment there I thought Sting was going to lose, but he pulled victory from defeat! It was his just due and to this day I still beleieve no matter how bad the odds are against you, if you hold on and fight real hard any odds can be overcome just like Sting! Corny I know but I was a kid and that whole fued had a real impact on me.

    1. This is me by the way. TheWatcher/Watcher/ Paul~ I'm not exactly sure what I did, lol!

    2. Ok I am subscribed, Yay! The Watcher has come. I still don't know what I did. I am blog iliterate and a goober. Yes I know.

  8. Ok so here is my favorite wrestling match, it was in 1997 ECW had there first pay per view called Barely Legal, the final match was a 3 way dance between Terry Funk, Sandman, and Stevie Richards (and Blue World Order), with the winner immediately fighting for the Heavyweight Championship against Raven, Terry Funk eventually won the championship, but what made this so memorable was before the match they actually passed out an actual piece of barbed wire to the audiance, I guess to assure everyone it was the real mccoy(which it was), and my then 14 year old little brother was checking it out when the guy who handed it out wanted the pieces back, the genious that is my brother thought "TOSSING" the VERY SHARP AND DANGEROUS barbed wire four rows over a bunch of the audience heads was a smart idea, lucky the guy who handed them out thought it was a better idea to grab it out of the air with a "I'm TOO cool" attitude, so for everyone in our section that night we realized that not ALL the blood in wrestling was faked, and if that dude happens to be reading this I hope your hand healed up nice.