Saturday, August 11, 2012

Universe of Violence: Surprise Contest

So, I've been working on future UoV figures, and there is one design that I have been asked about more than any other.

Well, yes minions, your cries have been heard, and that piece is absolutely going to be ready for UoV 2 (there are still two parts to wave 1 that you guys haven't seen yet, be patient, haha). Does anybody know which character that I am making reference to?

First person to guess correctly, gets a prize.

Haha, I love sneaking surprises in on folks!


Here's a hint...


  1. Is it the guy with the little guy coming out of his butt? Seems like an attention grabber to me.

  2. Horsemen inspired wrestler dude!

  3. And, we have a winner!
    And, for future reference, I am going to do more of this in the future.... Vague contests, with surprise clues. Why?

    I guess, because I am a big jerk.
    Julie & Andrew, You just scored yourself a free set A of Universe of Violence toys, plus a bonus Blemmyea Warrior, to boot.
    Not bad prizes, for a contest that three of my readers followed.