Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Dark, Fistful of Aliens Custom

So, in 1997-1999, Yes! Toys released Fistful of Aliens. It was a toyline consisting of three "races" of 1" figures, color-coded in red, green and blue. The link provided above will give you a more complete rundown on the entire line. This post is dedicated to one of the figures in particular: Dr. Dark.

Dr. Dark was part of the "Shadows" subset of boss characters; none of the Shadows were ever actually release, or to my knowledge, produced.

                         (FOA figures next to MUSCLE, for size comparison)

I took three cracks at Dr. Dark, and the first two (the bottom two pictured) were way too big.

There were other elements of them that I wasn't all that hot on, such as how one of them looks a lot like Man-Thing from Marvel comics... Haha
Nothing against Man-Thing, but that wasn't quite what I was going for.

Finally, I got the size of the armature right! He's the right scale for the FOA figures, and I feel like he's a lot closer to the target than the previous two attempts.

Here he is, with original FOA figures. Right scale, although I am not entirely sure that he will be the final sculpt I go with. I am working on a fourth take, in Aves Apoxy. I'll probably put them up side by side, for a vote here on the blog. I'll let you FOA fans decide which one cuts the mustard.

Let me know what you guys think. The plan is, to take the finished piece and mold/cast him. I want to make sure that he hits the mark, not just with me, but those who felt left out when Yes! Toys went under. I know I am not the only one that was bummed out that Dr. Dark never made his way into my collection!

Time to go minions...
It's been fun though, right?



  1. Dude, i've been eagerly waiting to see this, i gotta say man,

    it looks fucking amazing dude.

    Your sculpting skills are off the hook man, great woek bro.

  2. First off, let me say great idea! I LOVED FoA and always wished more of them made it out.

    That being said I think this sculpt needs some work, it's pretty far off from the 2 known images of this figure.. however your past work is awesome so I'm sure that with a few modifications you can turn out something a bit closer to the source material. It's tough because the only pictures of the thing are grainy and the guy is all darkness personified! Some pointers:

    -The original figure has an almost "tar pit" like base, a smoother, flatter pool of blackness at the sides that the guy rises up out of. The thicknessof this puddle appears to be on par with that of most of the other feet from the line(like the red guy with the third cyclops eye in your comparison photos)

    -The arms are too thick, and could use more definition. Your first two rejected attemps actually have the arms closer, with the Man Thing one probably being closest.

    -The Thumbs are a little longer, and have a clear almost right angle kink to them.. they should look almost like hooks.

    -The face/eyes protrude outward more, but there's less of a brow or manthing outline. The eyes shouldn't be set so far in. To me it looks almost like the snout of a dragon or something. The lighting in the picture(particularly on the left side)is a decent indicator of what I'm talking about.

    Great work so far and I can't wait to see more reveals, and I hope you attack other lost FoA figures in the future!!