Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Update-Hate, 9/24/2012

Get your votes in, on the third round of the Universe of Violence Concept Deathmatch Tournament!
It's not every day that you get to decide what concepts make it into a line, so jump on it.
The finals will sport all-new sketches of the finalists, in a more finished format. Get your votes in, and make them count!

Also: I spent the weekend with the Iron Runt, working on sculpting and casting her first mini figures. I am glad to say that the molds are done, and the first test castings came out just right. I took a bunch of pictures during the process, and will be posting a beginners tutorial either later today or tomorrow. I think it will be helpful to those of you that may be on the fence about getting your feet wet in the whole casting hobby.

Ironhaus, getting back into the swing, baby!

Stay tuned, for news on all-new customs coming out from the mad hands of the Dark Lord of the Iron Toy Cult. 

Until next time, minions...

I am Rommel.


  1. Yes, looking forward to seeing the Iron Runt's work bro, and i cant wait for that tutorial.

    I've been anticipating dipping my toe into the molding scene for a while now so maybe this will give me that push i need.

    Good to hear from you again dude.

    1. Hey, Biz!
      Yeah, the tutorial will be very basic. I am working on trying to distill the information down to the essentials, as to make it as accessible as possible. I've got a lot of pictures, too. Hopefully it can help some people make the jump... Or at least show them that starting out isn't as scary as they may think.