Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Update Hate, 12/3/2012

Greetings, minions... I have a brief update today, first announcing November's contest winner: Antonio! Congrats Antonio! I asked for honestly, and I certainly got it. You not only win some free customs, but you also hold the distinction of being the first ever back-to-back/two-time winner. Good on you, brother. I am doing another contest this month, that I'll announce this week and start next week...
After New Year's, we'll get to talking about a photo contest. I like the premise, and it should prove to be a lot of fun.

During the month of December, Eric Nilla is ensuring that every pack of Gorewads that goes out, has at least one glow-in-the-dark OR thermal color change figure included.
Normally, those serve as chase figures, but he wanted to do something a little extra for Christmas, so get your orders in to his Storenvy store, and get your gimmick figures.

Time to go, minions...
It's been fun though, right?



  1. Thank you so much, sir, thank you. Even if all I get is yet another Eyeclops, I will be happy.

    I've finally given Eric some money for the great series that is UoV too, so yours won't be the only IronNilla figures on the way to me soon!

  2. Actually, you'll be getting a GITD Cedargief, as well as some GW's, my friend. Cheers!