Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hell Turtle World Tour

While my Horde of Iron Toy Cult Minions awaits the unveiling of the February Ironhaus figure, and the announcement of who won January's contest, I would like to present to you some pictures of Hell Turtle, taken by John Morey (founder of the AKIA/LRG).

My pictures have been notoriously shitty over the past year, meanwhile John has taken some AMAZING shots of some of the stuff that has come out of IroNilla in the past eight months.


Great work, John! 

Also, check out the awesome pics that Frank K. at Little Weirdos Blog has taken. He's got some great shots of old Hell Turtle, as well as the Gorewads. Indy toy makers: These guys take better pictures than we do. Throw them some business.


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