Thursday, January 31, 2013

Universe of Violence, Boss Figure #2: Elephunt

Welcome, mighty Horde!
The erratic Eric Nilla has finished his boss figure for the Universe of Violence line, and may I just say "Whoa."
Elephunt's his name, and he's not a playa though, he crushes a lot...
Elephunt stands at about 2" and is a tankish beast of a figure, and comes with a removable elephant helmet. He is very reminiscent of the wrestler Big Van Vader, albeit with a more barbarian flair to him. Eric really outdid himself this time, with all of the texturing. This is a bulky, phenomenal looking figure.

Not only does he come with the removable helmet accessory, but he comes with one of the exclusive Gorewad Monsters (in colors not offered with the Hell Turtle release).
Elephunt goes on sale February 1st, 2013, at 6:00pm PST, and is going to only set you back $16 for the whole package. Remember, fewer days in February... Get in and make sure you get this figure before March 1st! (Get your Universe of Violence fix HERE.)


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