Friday, January 25, 2013

End of Month Violence Party

Okay gang, contest winner announcement: King 100T! You're going to get a first casting of the first Ironhaus "Rommelverse" figure.  He's only missing his wristwatch and bunny slippers... But here's the first clear look at Scummo the Cat!
I'll be offering more news and options on the future "Rommelverse" offerings... But first, let's get our feet wet on this little dirty bastard. As I said, he is missing his slippers and watch... But you get the general idea. I haven't decided on whether he will come bagged/boarded or boxed... If you have an opinion, now would be the time to make note of it.

Also, Ironhaus gets a new look for 2013! Gone are the days of minions, here are the days of the Ironhaus Horde. You're all Jimmy Rommel Guys now. Time to take over.