Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guest Artist: Ironhaus X Scott Crawford

Those of you that read Wizard Magazine in the 1990's probably fondly remembers the Wizard Halloween Costume Contest that was put on every year by the magazine. If you remember that, you probably remember that one guy more or less dominated the field for the better part of a decade... That guy was Scott Crawford from Columbus, Ohio.

Wait a sec... I'M from Columbus, Ohio.

Wait a sec... I'm friends with Scott Crawford.

Wait a sec... I'm going somewhere with this.

Scott has taken a slight interest in the projects put out by IroNilla, in both the Gorewad Monsters and Universe of Violence. Scott, not only specializes in making kick-ass superhero costumes for conventions and birthday parties and shit, but also does a lot of custom painting and he did this little baby right here...

I dig.

He did a Braveheart inspired take on the Blemmyae Warrior, giving him a stoney color with blue accents. I really like how he took the time to paint a plaid pattern on the tunic piece, and fashioned the crotch flap into a bit of a sporren.

If you're wondering what the Wizard Halloween costume king has been up to, check out his site at, and if you're looking for costumes for conventions or whatnot, Scott is probably your guy... Just don't ask him about which Green Lantern is his favorite, at least around me. Haha

That's all for today. I should have some good pictures up soon, of the work that I have been doing lately on my solo project.

I'm also going to try to present a couple of new features on the blog, like guest artists (like today's post, fancy that!) and old sculpts from my meager beginnings (yesterday's post, fancy that!). I may even start up a weekly comic, but we'll see how well I can manage the projects I already have going. Take care, my Horde, protect our Evil Empire.



  1. I like how the red eyes are set off from the blue. pretty cool!

    When can we buy Scummo already?