Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Update-Hate 2/12/13

So, I have not really posted much in the past week, as I have been working hard on trying to get my first solo release together. The pieces are coming along, and I am trying to make it a special thing for everybody. I am not going to get into the particulars just yet, but in the meantime....

A good friend of mine asked to see some of my earlier works, from my humble beginnings... Haha
Well, here is a blast from the past, AKA "Rommel's embarrassing beggining forays into sculpting".

He was a part of a little story idea that I had, involving anthropomorphic pirates. It's probably not the most inspired of ideas, but one of these days, I will find the time to add Maak and Dook Flinger of the Famous Pirate Flinger Brothers to the Ironhaus universe.

Note the lack of detail, and shallow attempt at hiding flaws by laying a shitty paint job on it... Haha, We all had to start somewhere, right?

Finally, I am noticing an increased amount of traffic on the blog from Russia... So, February's contest will be for our friends from the far-East.

The first of the Ironhaus Russian contingent to sign up and post a comment on this post, wins a prize-pack with UoV and Gorewad figures, as well as some of this month's  release.                                      


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