Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gorewads: Summer Preview

 Howdy, Horde. Just wanted to give you guys a taste of what's coming up with the Gorewads this Summer... I have been telling you guys a lot, about me being busy... I am now showing you a little bit of what is to come.
Archie, the archaeopteryx, finally will be making his long awaited debut! Alongside, is Crotchy the indecent alien. They are just two of the sculpts that will be in this Summer's all-new Gorewad line up, but I am making them available NOW, in a limited capacity.
 Archie and Crotchy are available now, believe it or not. I have put together five packs of classic Gorewads, with each pack having a preview Crotchy OR Archie included. There are four figures total, with one micro accessory in each pack ($15, suckas).  Did I say "now"? NOW.