Sunday, June 23, 2013

Update City

So, it's been a crazy Summer so far. Things are starting to come together, while some other stuff fell apart. There's really not any sense in crying over spilled milk, or spilled RTV, but there is good and bad news to report... And there are some obvious changes coming down the pike as a result. I'll get to those things in a second...

Right now, I want to draw some attention to the Ironhaus:BLACK exclusive HORDE figures from Ironhaus X Trutek. I've been taunting you guys with the promise of these guys for months now,  and they are finally here! The Horde-Ape, Man-and-Eel, and Mer-Mace have all made their debut in the Ironhaus Store at Storenvy (link to the store in top/left of this page). I went ahead and broke up the five sets of AP figures, so that all of the figures can be purchased individually. I didn't want people being left out, and I wasn't going to go with the "Random Blind Bag" route with these guys, as I know that is a source of consternation with a lot of the loyal Ironhaus Horde members. There's fifteen total figures (five of each), and they can be found right now at the store, while supplies last.

 Next, I have some not-so-fun news: Universe of Violence is done. Finished. That's all. Eric Nilla and I have decided to focus on our individual projects, moving forward. All of the Universe of Violence figures (excluding Deadface and Hell Turtle) will be available at Eric's Storenvy page, so if you needed a second chance at picking up Cedargief, The Blemmyae Warrior, Beetlepunk, or Arn Hellstorm, go to Eric's store and get them. They'll be available in intervals, and stay tuned for a special Hell Turtle/Deadface release after the Summer holiday season. Best of luck to Eric, in his future endeavors.

Finally, here's a sneak peek at one of the next Micro Bastards figures: Frankenblem!

There was a strong enough reception for this little guy, who debuted as a companion Gorewad in the initial Hell Turtle release, that he's getting the Micro Bastards treatment! I am pretty excited about this guy. Here he is, pictured next to a classic MUSCLE figure, for a size comparison. He'll be at the helm of the second set of Micro Bastards, which I may expand to six figures, instead of five. We'll see how well that works, compared to the current offering.

Finally, stay tuned next month, for the Ironhaus:BLACK Hell Turtle release. I will have some really cool extras to pack in with that figure, that I can't wait to announce.

For now, this is Rommel, signing off...

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