Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesdays Are For Suckers, Man

Why, hello there.

It's me, Rommel, back from the dead to yammer on some more about these new Micro Bastards figures.  I have seen a couple of reviews, and they were fair, but also very nice. One at Nerditis, just went up today, and then the indomitable Frank K. put one up at Little Weirdos blog, too. See what folks have to say about Micro Bastards, before you buy 'em.

I've been super busy, sculpting like crazy and trying to keep ahead on production. There's been a lot of changes lately, which I will have to do another blog post to announce (UoV coming to a close... More on that later). Times are a changin', but here at Ironhaus we're looking forward. I did a tally today, and I am well over the halfway mark to my goal for 2013 (releasing 50 different sculpts this year)! There's another 15 sculpts that are basically on-deck, waiting to be revealed/released. Times are exciting, and I can't wait to show you guys all of the stuff I have been working on. I know, I know, that's always what these damn blog artists say when they are stalling... And yeah. I am pretty much stalling with the new content, but hopefully when you see this stuff, you'll know why. Finally, keeps your eyes peeled. Ironhaus: BLACK series toys will be hitting the store soon... But, I won't be releasing them at a pre-specified date. You'll just have to check in, and see if they are taunting you from the hallowed halls of the Ironhaus Toy Store. You know Hell Turtle: BLACK, and HORDE: BLACK figures are coming soon... Who is going to land first?


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