Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekend Update

So, things have been a little crazy, but good-ish. I have been keeping my hands full, and hopefully you guys will like where things are going. I'm trying my hand at doing some different stuff, as well as some stuff that deviate FAR from the trends of the custom/designer toy industry.

If you go to Man-E-Toys blog, you can catch the first production shots of the three brand-new Horde figures, that will be debuting at the Cardiff Toy and Tattoo show, over in the UK. Trutek and myself will be announcing ordering details on all of the Ironhaus Horde figures soon, so keep an eye out for that.

This, is a Dr. Goot figure, still WIP, from the Ralph Snart Adventures comics that I loved when I was a kid. Marc Hansen still does Snart comics at, so go check them out. I should email Mr. Hansen, and see if maybe he'll let me actually release the esteemed Snart villain...?

Next up, are a couple more Murks parody figures, also WIP. I promise, as soon as I have enough stock to meet the initial demand on these guys, you'll see them pop up in the store. I don't ever put anything in the store, that I don't have on hand, so bear with me folks. We've got a SWAT murk and a gremlin murk. How do you guys think they stack up against the cannibal and "Roidy"?
And this bulgy-faced lunatic, is the Micro Bastards version of the oddly-beloved Frankenblem character, which debuted as a companion figure with the original UoV Hell Turtle release back in January. I am going to be changing how Micro Bastards are packaged, with there being dedicated assortments that each figure is packaged in. Some of newer figures will be packaged with older figures, but for the first month I release "Set 2" I will make them available in a dedicated 3 pack, before making the change, so that people that have already bought in to the MB line don't wind up with unwanted doubles. After that month, I am going to place the figures in assortments that are more balanced.

And finally, there is this... Thing. This monstrosity. I am not telling you a damn thing about it yet, but holy crap, I am excited about it, and can't wait for it to be done, so I can show it off. Rommel is excite.

No, that is not a typo. 

Anyhow, that's all of the time I have for now. Begin rampant speculation and wonton insultation in the comments below.


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