Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Forgotten Ones II

So, a while back, I did a feature showing one of my early sculpts... This time, I dug deep, and found one of my first ones... And booooy is it a doozy.

This fine (haha) specimen, was one of my very first attempts at sculpting a MUSCLE scale figure, and boy is it obvious. This piece of shit was sculpted in one take... No armature, no real planning or design scheme... I just took a hunk of Sculpey and went to work. If I recall, I didn't even have any tools at the time, so I did all of the detailing with an ink pen cap (although, it looks like I used a prison shiv). 

Because I just went to town with a hunk of raw clay, there are fingerprints all over this guy, and I essentially warped/mashed every detail, every time I turned the figure around to work on a different part. His toes are pointed down, because A) I didn't take the time to give him any lower body definition and B) when I baked him, they sagged because there was no "skeletal" support. He's essentially the classic case of young children drawing: They draw what they think is there, not what they SEE is there. He has a head, arms legs and torso... And that's essentially it. I gave him what appears to be a belt, and what appears to be a crotch seam  (like on jeans). The seam on his crotch looks like the dude is carrying his wiener outside of his pants. Holy hell, this is a terrible figure.
However, it had to happen. One foot in front of the other, begins a journey.

Here he is next to some of my more recent work, and honestly, I am proud at how far I have come. I also have a long way to go. The whole point to doing this feature, is to illustrate just why you shouldn't get discouraged if your first couple of attempts don't turn out right. Just keep putting in the work, you'll get there eventually. 

Anyhow, that is all for this installment of "The Forgotten Ones".

Keep your eyeses on the prizes folks,

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  1. You HAVE come a long way! Wow! Can't wait to see where you go next.