Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Fellow Horde members!

You can call me Draznar, and I intend on doing some pieces for Ironhaus in the future. Some of you may already be familiar with who I am, but this article is for those of you who aren't. I’m a pretty busy person offline, so my articles will generally be restricted to once a week at best. I’ll probably help out with talking about upcoming pieces, and I’ll definitely be doing reviews. My reviews will naturally contain Ironhaus products, but also about some of my other interests as well.

I collect a wide range of different toys. The bulk of my collection is comprised of Transformers and Battle Beasts, with a random mish-mash of just about everything else on the side. I’m a completionist for the lines I am passionate about and picky about the lines I’m not. Outside of Facebook, the only site I typically frequent would be www.littlerubberguys.com. I’ll be posting my content there as well as the Ironhaus blog, so feel free to subscribe to either or both!

Best of all, I have zero censorship from Dear Leader, Ironmask. So you can know that whatever I have to say is actually my unadulterated opinion and not watered down on whatever it is I have to say. I hope to scribble up another article soon, but until then, see ya!

- Draznar

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