Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ironhaus Summer News Dump

Ironhaus Jimmy here, with a little bit of a news update...

So, what a year 2017 has been so far, eh?
Lots of new figures, a new playset, new cats (check out the Poopnyans at my Instagram page), and there's still more cool shit coming from Ironhaus this year. However, after this release of Bird Wizard's Altar, I'm going to take a step back until September. There's news coming up from Ironhaus Pro's Metal Monkey, but I won't completely steal his thunder... But there may be some new figures coming out this Summer from a line that sounds like "You Oh Vee". I'll let Metal Monkey give you all of the details on that, though, haha

Finally, in the interest of the "Summer Break" and the Bird Wizard's Altar release, I will also be putting the rest of what's up at the Ironhaus Pro store (ironhauspro.bigcartel.com) on sale... So get your Oni, Black Market bags, Hell Crabs, etc on the cheap while you can. At the end of July, the sale is over, and my store will be in Chill Mode until I land in September. I am excited about Metal Monkey's release this Summer, as well as being able to finally show you what I've got in the works for this Fall.

I want to wrap up by saying a big "Thank You!" to all of you that have stuck with Ironhaus all of this time. It really does mean a lot to me.


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