Saturday, August 12, 2017

Universe of Violence - Coming soon and character bios!

The sculptors at Ironhaus have been very busy behind the scenes creating all kinds of monstrosities for your shelves, and your pockets! We're going to be doing weekly updates leading up to the release of the next wave of Universe of Violence figures.

Today, let's have a look at Mr. Louseface, sculpted by Ironhaus' own Metalmonkey!

Name: Mr. Louseface Size: 1.5" Bio: a sushi addict who ate a dodgy batch of Salmon, and was infected with a parasitic louse. Over time, the louse hijacked the body and became the brains, growing stronger as the body mutated into a mindless meatsuit. Race: Mutant (post human) Age: mid 40's (Meatsuit), ??? (Louse parasite) Strengths: Highly corrosive saliva and digestive fluids. Can literally eat anything. Weaknesses: Sensitivity to sunlight, highly susceptible to fire Don't forget to check back in weekly for more character bios and release info!

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